Detailed Data About What Tonsil Stones Are?

Tonsil stones are also mentioned as tonsilloliths which are yellow or hard white developments which are positioned on or within tonsils. In other words, tonsils are also mentioned as soft aggregates of cellular and bacterial debris which are formed in tonsillar crypts. They usually occur in the palatine tonsils and also in lingual tonsils. Tonsil stones are quite common and they weigh from 0.3g to 42g.

Reasons for Tonsil Stones:

Usually tonsils are built up of pits, tunnels and crevices mentioned as tonsil crypts. Variety of debris which include food, dead cells, saliva and mucus can get shut into these compartments and develop more. Fungi and bacteria feed on this development and present a divergent odor. As time passes by the debris toughens and turn out to be tonsil stone. Few individuals may have single tonsil stone and others may have countless such developments. The main reasons for tonsil stones include


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Chronic sinus issues
Reduced dental hygiene
Chronic tonsillitis
Large tonsils
Signs for tonsil stones

The usual fact is that people who have tonsil stones may not able to diagnose them. The specialty of tonsil stones is that they cannot be seen straightforwardly and they are regularly from rice size to about the size of a grape. Larger health difficulties are instigated by tonsil stones.  Apart from all these discussions, there are few symptoms for tonsil stones and they are

Sore throat
Ear pain
Bad breadth
Frequent cough
Swallowing issues
Yellow or white debris on tonsils
Swollen tonsils
It is also important for individuals to know that smaller tonsil stones do not have any symptoms and they are common.

Ways to Prevent Tonsil Stones:

When any individual is detected with tonsil stones, they have greater chance that it may occur frequently. For individuals who desire to prevent them, few ideas are provided to prevent tonsil stones.

Stopping smoking
Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
Salt water gargling
Following good oral hygiene. Individuals should also brush and remove the bacteria content at the back of the tongue.
Treatment for tonsils

When treatment for tonsil stones is considered, it mainly depends on the size of the tonsillolith and its capability to cause harm. There are few treatment options for tonsil stones

Salt water gargles: the discomfort of tonsillitis can be eased by salt water gargling. This will help avoid the development of tonsil stones.
Home removal: some individuals make use of swabs and picks to dislodge tonsil stones at home.
No treatment: For individuals, who do not possess symptoms with tonsil stones, do not require any treatment.
Surgical removal: For individuals who possess large and symptomatic tonsil stones need to seek the help of surgeon to eradicate tonsil stones. The surgeon usually uses the local numbing agent to remove tonsil stones.
Antibiotics: Tonsil stones can be treated with many antibiotics; This can be beneficial for many cases.
Tonsil stones are common in many people and hence surgical removal called tonsillectomy is followed. This procedure removes the tissues of tonsils which removes the formation of tonsillolith.

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